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Measuring the Performance of Human Services Providers using SERVQUAL Model: Study on governmental hospitals services at Ministry of Health –Khartoum state 2012
Tarig Hassan M. Alamin
Modifications added to the existing Government Hafir Type using Geomembrane
Prof.Hashim Ali Mohamed Salim
Monitoring Sludge Production from Elmogran Water Supply as Organic Fertilizer Free from Pollutant Elements
Babiker Mohamed AL-Amin
Bushier Mohamed EL-Hansen
Abutalib Balla Guma
Molecular Detection of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Patients With Urinary Tract Infections in Khartoum State
Dr. Misk Elyamen AbdelAttai Elmakki
Dr. Mogahid Mohamed Elhassan Elemam
Omar B. Ahmed B. Ahmed
Elfadil E. Omer
Mode of Bonding and Isomerism in Mixed Cu(II) Thiocyanate Diamine Ligand Complexes
Monim R. Suliman
Hamid M. Idris
Mineral Profile of Sheep and Goats Grazed Natural Pasture in Nyala Locality, Western Sudan
Hajer I. Ishag
Ishraga G. Ibrahim
Metrological Model For Inspection and Evaluation Of Medical Devices
Dr.Eltahir Mohmmed Husein
Mahmoud Omer Mohammd Ali
Metabolic Profile of the Dairy Cattle in Khartoum State
pro. Siham ELias Suliman Mohammed
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam Abdalla Babiker
Rania I. Mustafa
Measuring the Attitudes of Construction Companies towards Using Project Management Tools and Techniques
Mohamed Abbas Musa
Mawia Abdel Latif Mohammed
Morphologic and Morphometric Studies of Long Bones of One- Humped Camel Fetuses
Sonfada, M. L
Shaibu, M A
Hena, S A
Danmaigoro, A .