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Formulation of Poultry Diet to Improve Immune Response: A Review
Talha E Abbas
Mohamed E Ahmed
Impact of Urea Applications on Growth Attributes and Gel Yield of Aloe vera L. Plant
Prof. Dr. Tagelsir Ibrahim Mohamed Idris
Elyas M Eisa
Estimation of the Dose-Response Model of Principle Biological Assays
Dr.Altaiyb Omer Ahmed Mohmmed
Duaa Gamal ELdein Zain Alabdein
Assessment of Serum Level of Electrolytes and Trace Elements in Leukaemia Patients in Sudan
Dr. Abdalsalam Abdalla Dafaalla
Prof. Dr. Amel Omer Bakhiet Elawad
Eiman A A
Effect of Retained Fetal Membranes on the Reproductive Performance of Holstein Frisian Cows in Northern Gezira Dairy Project (Al Bagair)
Hatim A Zainalabdein
Ismail M Elfagir
Estimation of Technical Efficiency of Small Scale Broiler Producers in Khartoum State, Sudan 2015
Zeinab ALarki Mohamed
Elrashied Elimam Elkhidir
Gross Anatomical and Topographical Studies of the Small Intestine of the Camel (Camelus dromedarius)
A.. M a Mohamed
A A M Taha
A M Ali
Study on the Bacterial Contamination of Some Animal Products in Khartoum State
Prof. Daoud Elzubair Ahmed Daoud
Dr. Hayder Elamin Ahmed Abdalla
Wesal Abbas Wesal
Huda Mohamed Zeinelabideen
Evaluation of Yemen Crude Oil in Relation to its Maturity and heavy Metals Magnitude
Dr. Abdalsalam Abdalla Dafaalla
Dr. Kamal Mohamed Saeed Fadul
Ahmed H. Alsarem
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