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Comparative Anatomical and Histological Studies of the Mandibular gland of Camel, Ox, Sheep and Goat
Dr. Zarroug Hassan Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim
Prof. Dr. Hassan Ahmed Ali Ahmed
Nada Juma Mursal
Maintenance of Total Intravenous Anaesthesia in Donkeys Using Continuous Infusion with Detomidine and Ketamine
Prof. Dr. Hisham Ismail Seri Farah
M A H Ghurashi
A G A Buldan
Identification of Bacterial Pathogens Isolated from Haemodialysis Patients using VITEK 2 Compact System and their Antibiotic Susceptibility
Dr.Yousif Fadl alla Hamd alneel
Sulieman Mohammed El Sanousi
Ebtehag Abd Elgader Merghani
Nahid Ahmed Gornas
Detection of P53, Estrogen Receptors and Progesterone Receptors in Breast Cancer
Dr. Abuelgasim Abass Awad Elkareem Abdullah
Wafaa Mohammad Abdurrahim
Impact of Diarrhoea on the Nutritional Status among Children under Five Years old
Arwa Sharaf Eldein Ibrahim
Fatima Omer Nabag
Investigation on Influenza Virus A Infection in Different Animals in Sudan
Wegdan H A
Intisar K S
Shaza M M
Algezoli O A
Ballal A .
Ihsan H A
Sahar M E
Baraa A M
Taha E M
Nada E M
Nouri Y M
Ali Y H
Influence of Sulfur Fertilizer on Growth and yield of Aloe vera plants
Prof. Dr. Tagelsir Ibrahim Mohamed Idris
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman Abdel rahman Warag
Elyas M Eisa
The Socioeconomic Value of Rearing Different Ecotype of Donkeys (Equus asinus) in South Darfur State, Sudan
Koko F A
Shuiep E S
Structural Study of Gamma Alumina (γ-Al2O3) and β Co-Crystalline Zeolite
Fekri M Albegali
Babiker K Abdalla
AbdAlla M Suliman
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