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Diseases and Signs of Disease in the One-humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius) Under Open Range System
Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Taha Abusamra
A short Note on Camels Export from the Sudan: Importers Conditions and Associated Practices
Ahmed ELGhali Ahmed
The Effect of Parity Number on Chemical Composition of Camel Milk under Open Range System in Nyala area (South Darfur, Sudan)
S. H. Ahmed
E. S. Shuiep
I. E M El Zubier
H. H Musa
Morphologic and Morphometric Studies of Long Bones of One- Humped Camel Fetuses
Sonfada, M. L
Shaibu, M A
Hena, S A
Danmaigoro, A .
Epidemiology and Clinical Features of Camel pox in Eastern Sudan
Yassein M Abdo el Motalab
Abdelgadir Ballal .
Sana A Abd el Aziz
Antifungal Activity of Camel Faeces on Fungi with Special Reference to Dermatophytes
Elham Abdelbasit Suleiman
Mogeep ElrahmanYousof Kabashi
Salwa Mohamed Elbashir
Comparative Biochemical Values in Pregnant and non-pregnant Dromedary Camels (Camelus dromedarius
Prof. Dr. Hisham Ismail Seri Farah
Ashwag E A
Ghurashi M A
Growth Performance in Dromedary Camels under Two Feeding Regimen
Prof. Dr. Imad Mohamedtahir Fadlalla MohamedNour
Nazik M Mohamedain
M E Barri
B E Abdel-Aziz
Effect of Freezing Storage Period on the Physical Properties and Sensory Characteristics of Sausages Manufactured From Camel Meat
Ikhlas Ahmed Nour
Mahassin Abd Elgany Elsharif
Serum Progesterone Profile in Sudanese Dromedary She Camels Bred Under Intensive Systemization: III
Husna M Elbasheir
B E Abdel Aziz
M H M Elbashir
E A Babikir
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