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Geoelectric investigation of groundwater potential in Khor Abu Habil drainage basin

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Dr. Abd Elhakam Etayeb Mohamed ,Mohammed, A.H . Dahab ,Abbas M. Yagoub ,2013, Geoelectric investigation of groundwater potential in Khor Abu Habil drainage basin,Journal of Science and Technology,14 (2) ,pp:-

By Dr. Abd Elhakam Etayeb Mohamed ,Mohammed, A.H . Dahab ,Abbas M. Yagoub ,
geoelectrical, underground water, aquifer, borehole section.
Geoelectric investigation for groundwater in Abu Habil water shed, northern Kordofan and it’s environ was done using the Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) method. Twenty two vertical electrical soundings data were acquired within the locations in the study area Borehole data were also acquired. Electrical resistivity methods are frequently used as investigation tool in groundwater exploration to obtain, details about the location, depth and apparent resistivity of the subsurface layers. Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Sounding (V.E.S) measurements were conducted using a portable ABEM SAS1000 instrument. The acquired data cover a wide range of resisitvity values from 3.0 Ωm to more than 5500Ωm, which generally reflects the variation of resistivity within the sediments and the basement complex. However, the interpretation of vertical electrical sounding is presented in the form of geoelectrical sections. The general trend of these geological sections is east – west and north – south. The depth to the basement and structural contour maps are constructed on the basis of present VES interpretation. The present work can be correlated to previous gravity research which shows low gravity anomalies in Kordofan Province that indicate presence of thick sediments. The aquifer mostly sandstone and, sand with gravel, which is associated with intermediate resistivity range between (25 to 60 Ωm) and, the average static water level of about 72 meters in the study area. The study reflects the existence of relatively thick sediments, whereas the thickness does not exceed 25 m in the southwest.
تم إجراء مسح كهربي للكشف عن المياه الجوفية في خور أبو حبل –شمال كردفان وهذه التقنية تعرف (vertical electical sounding) تقنية التيار الكهربي الرأسية حيث تم تجميع البيانات الكهربية للطبقات الأرضية بتنفيذ عدد أثنان وعشرون محطة قراءة كما تم جمع بيانات بئرية في منطقة الدراسة. كما هو معلوم تستخدم تقنية الأستكشاف الكهربي للكشف عن خزانات المياه الجوفية حيث تعتبر هذه الطريقة سريعة وقليلة التكلفة. تم أستخدام جهاز ABEM SAS1000 مع ملحقات حيث يوفر تيار كهربي كاف يمكن أرساله حتي عمق 100متر وذلك في
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