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Quantities and Locations of Usher Plants in Sudan

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Prof.Hashim Ali Mohamed Salim,Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Elgalib,2011, Quantities and Locations of Usher Plants in Sudan,Journal of Science and Technology,12 (3) ,pp:125-131

By Prof.Hashim Ali Mohamed Salim,Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Elgalib,
calotropis procera , shrub , species , zone
In order to estimate the quantity of ushers (Calotropis procera) plants in Sudan, a simple study, based on choosing random areas (zones) each 4 square kilometers, was conducted. The country was divided into 4 regions. namely North, East, West and Middle. Each region was represented by 50 zones. The total number of usher shrubs in Sudan was estimated to be 1530666. Estimated yields, of usher fibres wood, seed oil and cake were 166, 69 and 88 tons, respectively. The industrial and economic potentials of usher were pinpointed and discussed.
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