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Measurement of Chemical Composition of Bone by X-ray Absorption Fine Structure

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Dr. Mohamed Hassan Eisa Salim,Hao . Shen ,Yong . Mi ,Kamarualaziz . Ibrahim ,Mohamed Hafiz Khalid ,2011, Measurement of Chemical Composition of Bone by X-ray Absorption Fine Structure,Journal of Science and Technology,12 (3) ,pp:109-117

By Dr. Mohamed Hassan Eisa Salim,Hao . Shen ,Yong . Mi ,Kamarualaziz . Ibrahim ,Mohamed Hafiz Khalid ,
X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS); Fluorescence; Bone mineral; Hydroxyapatite
Bone composition has an important role in the human and animal body. However, of inherent difficulties information on characterization of bone structure and composition as biomedicine materials is limited. Therefore, further investigations are needed. In this study, X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) in Fluorescence mode was used to investigate the bone composition and the biomedicine materials as standard samples. The obtained results were compared with the published data. Good agreement between experimental results and published data was obtained. This investigation confirmed that XAFS is a useful technique for bone structure and composition. In this work, details of sample preparation procedures, experimental setups and data analysis, are presented and discussed.
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