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Nutritional Evaluation of Guddaim Fruits (Grewia tenax) and its Utilization in Ice Cream Production

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Mohammed Adam Y. Abdualrahman ,Ali Osman Ali ,Abdalla M. A. Suliman ,2011, Nutritional Evaluation of Guddaim Fruits (Grewia tenax) and its Utilization in Ice Cream Production,Journal of Science and Technology,12 (3) ,pp:38-43

By Mohammed Adam Y. Abdualrahman ,Ali Osman Ali ,Abdalla M. A. Suliman ,
Fruits, guddaim flavoured ice cream, nutritional evaluation.
In the present study the nutritional evaluation of guddaim fruits, seeds and pulps was carried out, the contents of moisture, ash, fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrate were 7.20%, 3.50%, 0.13%, 14.0%, 8.20%, 66.97%, 7.30%, 3.0%, 0.92%, 14.85%, 7.5%, 66.43% and 7.60%, 3.30%, 0.10%, 13.60%, 8.80% and 66.6% for the fruits, seeds and pulps, respectively. Guddaim fruits were found to contain about 25.5% D-fructose, 15 mg/100g ascorbic acid, 25 mg/100g iron and 40 mg/100g calcium. The effect of soaking periods on juices quality was investigated. Juice extracted by steam distillain for two hours, had a pH 4.30 and T. S. S 10.5; while the cold extracted juice for the same period had a pH 4.80 and T.S.S 3.0. The juice acidity and T. S. S. increased with the increase of soaking periods. However it had a weak flavor and brown colour due to the fruits cooking during the extraction process. The longer the periods of cold juices extraction, the higher the pH but the T.S.S remained constant. The Guddaim –flavored ice cream was, subjected to organoleptic evaluation by sensory panels, was good as vanilla and strawberry – flawoured ice cream according to appearance, texture, colour, flavour and overall acceptability.
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