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Fuzzy logic based VAR Stability for power system control

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Dr.Eltahir Mohmmed Husein ,Bahar A.A. Elmahi ,2011, Fuzzy logic based VAR Stability for power system control,Journal of Science and Technology,12 (2) ,pp:117-123

By Dr.Eltahir Mohmmed Husein ,Bahar A.A. Elmahi ,
Fuzzy logic controller, Static VAR Stabilizer, Synchronous generator.
This paper presents a new approach to design of a robust controller for the auxiliary control loop of a static VAR stabilizer using fuzzy logic control concepts. Also the design of fuzzy logic control (FLC) using the least number of rules for stabilization of a synchronous generator is presented. The performance of fuzzy stabilizer was compared with a conventional stabilizer of a variety of transient disturbances, highlighting the effectiveness of the stabilizer in improving significant damping to the system oscillations.
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